About Me and Chocolates

OK, about me and my Love for Chocolate...

This site was created from my heart, and naturally my Love of Chocolates and the idea of having visitors like you find everything that is chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth and to offer you chocolates you may not even know exist.

Ever since before I could even walk Chocolates and desserts were always a staple in our family.

I think my mother got it from her father who owned his own bakery in Ohio starting in the early 1900.

So with that said there was a lot of baking of Chocolate Cakes, Pies, delicious melt in your mouth fudge and anything else my mother thought might taste good she would create her own recipe and make it for us.

I am the youngest of 6 girls and we all learned how to bake and make our own desserts and chocolates at a very young age, I baked my own cake from scratch at 8 and you couldn't stop me from baking from that time on.

I'm one of those which I'm sure many of you visiting my site are, that if there is any way where we could have a pice of cake or chocolates first thing when we wake up in th morning we would gladly indulge ourselves to as much chocolate our tummies could withstand.

Yep I admited to it and I'm proud to be a chocoholic, as a matter a fact hold on a minute while I go get a cookie...

OK, I,m back I just had a chocolate dipped chocolate chip cookie and it was really good!

About me, Well now I am a mother of 4 boys but that didnt stop me from teaching them how to bake and to appreciate good Chocolates and Chocolate Candy, and naturally Chocolate desserts, cakes and pies, and yes they all know how to cook and bake.

One of my excuses for always eating chocolates are that they really are a health benefit in more ways that we realize, and they are a wonderful comfort food and best of all it just taste sooo good!

I hope you will enjoy this site and find exactly what you are looking for including, chocolates for Holidays, Birthdays, Weddings or any other occasion you can think of.

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