Chocolate Potato Chips, Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips and Chocolate Covered Chips

Chocolate Potato Chips

Chocolate Potato Chips are the perfect snack when looking for the ultimate taste when it comes to Sweet and Salty including Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips, Chocolate Covered Chips and Belgian Chocolate Covered Chips the perfect original snack that will knock your socks off with flavor!

Another great version of these chocolate covered potato chips are the Angel Wings which are ruffles potato chip slathered in creamy peanut butter then generously covered with milk or dark chocolate creating a sensation taste that will leave you craving more!

So if you are looking to find a special and unique chocolate gift for some one or just looking to try something new bursting of incredible sweet and salty taste combined, then look no further, you just found it.

Chocolate Potato Chips

Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

With this selection I’m sure you’ll find exactly what you’ve been looking for, if you have a chocolate lover in your life buy them these unique chocolate gifts that will satisfy not only their sweet tooth but their salty cravings at the same time.

Chocolate Covered Chips

Who would have thought that this combination would taste so fantastic but they do, chocolate and potato chips are the odd couple that compliment each other with a taste you’ll love.

Chocolate Covered Potato Chip

No matter how you slice it a chip, is a chip, is a chip and chocolate just makes it that much better!

Yuletide Chocolate Tower

Chocolate Covered Potato Chip Gift

I guarantee you won’t be able to eat just one of these Chocolate Potato Chips, watch out because milk chocolate and salt can be very addictive and when you combine them Wow!

Chips & Dip… Chocolate of Course! - $29.95

Delicious potato chips hand-dipped in mouth watering chocolate and uniquely displayed in a 1 lb. white box

Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips - $34.95

This is a Chocolate and Potato Chip Lovers Dream!Each crispy Potato Chip is hand dipped in rich milk and dark chocolate! You will receive a 1/4 lb. of milk chocolate dipped potato chips covered in mini m&m's, 1/4 lb. of all milk chocolate potatos, and 1/4 lb. of dark chocolate chips packaged in two beautiful brown micro boxes.Send a little happiness with the perfect combination of salty and sweet.NOTE: Box style may vary

Milk Chocolate Potato Chips: 3LB Case

Milk Chocolate Chips: 3LB Case

Milk Chocolate Chips: 3LB Case These ridged potato chips that are dipped tasty milk chocolate - "if there's one thing you must try, its got to be this, you won't regret it!"

Chocolate Potato Chips

Chocolate Potato Chips

Chocolate Potato Chips

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