Ice Cube Chocolate

Ice Cube Chocolate

Ice Cube Chocolate

All I can say about ice cube chocolate or ice cubes candy is yum!

If you are looking for German chocolates that literally melt in you mouth then look no further, Moritz ice cubes are really creamy and yummy!

When I was a little girl I Loved chocolate ice cubes candy, and would walk to the liquor store around the corner who sold them for 5 cents each, I would walk around looking for pennies to pick of the ground so I could collect 5 cents just to buy just one ice chocolate candy.

This wonderful ice cube candy originated back in the 1930’s and the taste is still the same, you know the old saying “if its not broke, don’t fix it”.

This holds true with these ice cubes chocolate candy except for one exception, the original wrapping used to be in a light blue and silver but recently they started making them in gold foil wrapping.

I don’t care what color the wrapping is as long as they don’t change that wonderfully creamy chocolate.

This famous ice cube candy can be very difficult to find, even online.

There are also many times a waiting list to get them so what I have done is put many different distributors on here so that your odds are better to obtain this wonderful and tasty ice cubes chocolate.

Ice Cube Chocolate

Ice Cubes Candy & Ice Cubes Chocolate

If you are looking to find a small chocolate bar that’s just enough to satisfy you cravings then these chocolate ice cubes are the perfect choice for mouth melting, creamy delectable chocolates to bring a moment of happiness and simple pleasure. Ice Cubes Chocolates: 120 Count
Ice Cubes Chocolates: 120 Count

Delicious Ice Cubes Chocolate Candy

Don’t let these little squares of chocolate fool you, that are pack full of the most rich and creamy chocolate that you may ever taste!

Ice Cube Chocolate

Ice Cube Chocolate

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