Chocolate Snickers Candy Bar

Chocolate Snickers Candy Bar

Chocolate Snickers Candy Bar

The biggest and best selection of Americas favorite Chocolate Snickers Candy Bar, and the healthier versions in the wonderful Snickers energy bar, Snickers Marathon bars and for those allergic to peanuts the Snickers Almond bars.

Snickers is not only famous for its rich and creamy chocolate surrounding crunchy roasted peanuts in yummy caramel and fluffy nougat but it is recognized for its humorous snickers commercials with famous actors such as those Hungry Sharks, Betty White and Rosanne Barr making for great comedy .

Its no surprise that this delectable chocolate is manufactured by Mars Incorporated who is famous for bringing us many other favorites like the Mars bar, Milky Way chocolate bars, and M&M candies.

The manufactures of the snicker bars were genius and expanded the marketing of the snickers by making Snickers ice cream bars which is a favorite of my 4 sons.

Another great way to eat Chocolate Snickers Candy Bar, which I must admit took me quite a while for the idea to grow on me but it was deep fried snickers bars, which seems to be a favorite at Carnivals and amusement parks.

I have never had one but I hear they really taste good.

Snickers Candy Bar

Snicker Bars and Snickers Chocolate Bar

The snickers chocolate bar is actually the nation’s number one candy bar being sold around the world and profiting of approximately 2 billion dollars a year! That’s amazing!

Snickers Energy Bar and Snickers Marathon Bars

Snickers Marathon Bars are an awesome snack when you need a boost of energy and vitamins, nutritional and yummy!

Snickers Almond Snicker Bars

Being tasty the traditional snicker bar and Snickers dark chocolate candy bar is one of those candy bars that is a great treat to help satisfy your hunger to help you make it through your busy day.

Snickers - 2.07 oz bar - box of 48 - $43.99
Retail Price: $53.99
You Save: $10.00
from: Old Time Candy Company

Snickers Candy Bar

Snickers Commercials

Snickers have really gotten creative and have been making funny and memorable TV commercials.

Snickers Candy Bar

Snickers Candy Bar

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